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Stitching from


Stitching repairs are carried out in the workshop. If we notice something at an appointment, the saddle can be taken away with us. Once repairs have been carried out, the saddle will be returned to you.

Alternatively, you can drop your saddle off to us at our workshop, location can be found on the contact page.

This can include stitching repairs to flaps, panels, seat and replacement straps etc.

Dropping the panels and replacing all existing flocking is a big job and needs to be carried out in the workshop, this can usually be carried out within a few days and the saddle is returned to you for a full refit.

Whilst we have the opportunity to have the saddle apart we carry out a tree check, assessing all rivets and areas susceptible to damage.

We have a full range of flocking materials and we are able to offer a full wool or synthetic flock. We are also able to line the panels with felt or foam, to the horses and your requirements.

Reflocking from


*Includes top up 6 weeks after subject to booking

Tree Repairs from


All tree repairs, whether rivet replacement or a complete tree change, are carried out by our manufacturers, all of which are qualified Master Saddlers with many years of experience.

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