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Georgie Welge


A passionate horse lover herself, Georgie rides daily and has spent the last 10 years rehoming and retraining troubled and abandoned horses. She has a vast knowledge of the rehabilitation process and is keen to help as many horses as she can. This passion has given her the motivation to become one of the highest qualified saddle fitters in the UK and the first to have gained 3 certifications from 3 separate countries.

With a determination for continuous improvement, Georgie has literally travelled the globe to expand her knowledge and share her mastery with others, through means of seminars, lectures and lessons.

“Saddle fitting is a little like driving, you learn the skills when you are qualifying then hone your skill set with experience over the years.”

Georgie is the founder and director of ‘Master Saddle Fitters International’ an organisation that travels the world, educating others on saddle fitting practice. She works closely with vets, trainers, biomechanists, body workers, Rider Biomechanics specialists, dentists, farriers and many others in the industry, both to advise and to develop and deepen her knowledge. She advises on 2 professional boards that oversee qualifications teaching new and developing saddle fitters.

“All horses are individuals, I learnt very early on that one process may work perfectly for one horse, gaining the most from their movement and personality, but for another horse, the same steps would make another unhappy”.

Georgie applies her vast experience and skill set to each individual horse she works with, tailoring her method of work specifically, ensuring every horse receives what is right for them.